Nadia High




Nadia High creates and performs deeply soul felt original songs. 

Her music is a unique blend of folk, blues, jazz and soul. She uses an interesting blend of chords to strum up hook filled melodies, driven by powerfully unique rhythms.  Many of the songs messages deal with self identity, healing, searching for the true authentic self, love and empowerment - all in the face of transformation and adversity. 

Her music is steadily building a very loyal following of true music lovers. She’s performed for audiences at the Harlem Music Festival (Harlem. N.Y.) WinterFolk and Blues Festival (Toronto, Canada), and Urban Folk Salon (Toronto, Canada) Harlem Farmers Market, Free Candy (Brooklyn, N.Y.), NAMA (New Amsterdam Association of Association, N.Y. (Harlem, N.Y.), The Bitterend N.Y. The Fuse (Toronto, Canada),  GLAD Bookstore -Phoenix Camp Fundraiser, BASM (Black Speculative Arts Movement Festival) U of T (Toronto). Nadia has facilitated songwriting workshops for Girls Rock Camp, and has been featured at private artist salons throughout Toronto, Montreal, Los Angeles and N.Y. 

She’s a member of the global artist collective HowdoyousayyaminAfrican. 

  “Armchair Revolution” was her first official single. It’s a beautiful melody juxtaposed against an expression of angst and feelings of powerlessness, living in a society plagued with police terrorism. The message came to me after watching the Youtube video of Eric Garner having his life snuffed out by Long Island police officers. Audiences always respond to the song very passionately. It’s a favourite so far.  

 "Armchair Revolution" was followed by the intense production of her second single,  "Compromise Falling."  The song's video will begin filming in late September of this year. 

In the meantime, her third single "Stepping Out" has been gradually making its way onto social media platforms.  A big difference in tone and vibe from “Armchair Revolution”, “Stepping Out" is a celebration of healing and reinventing self.  The song is a smooth yet upbeat, soulful groove, inspiring the listener to dance - as the social conscious message is delivered. 

I've always loved dancing.  I remember someone saying that if you are a dancer and stop, part of you dies.  That's the space where the song was born out of.   Too many people have forgotten how to dance the blues away, I hope that once they hear the song, they can re-connect to what's real and  dance again.