Nadia High

Nadia High creates and performs deeply soul felt original songs.
"People usually ask what kind of music I do and I could never satisfy them by giving a genre. I just tell them I grew up listening to all types of music, so my influences are very eclectic."
Her music is a unique blend of folk, blues jazz and soul.  Over an interesting blend of chords, are catchy hook filed melodies, strummed out with unique rhythms.   Many of the songs messages deal with self identity, healing and searching for peace and love in the face of extreme adversity.
Nadia High has performed for audiences at the Harlem Music Festival (Harlem. N.Y.) WinterFolk and Blues Festival (Toronto, Canada), and Urban Folk Salon (Toronto, Canada) Harlem Farmers Market, Free Candy (Brooklyn, N.Y.), NAMA(New Amsterdam Association of Association, N.Y. (Harlem, N.Y.), The Bitterend N.Y.,  The Fuse (Toronto, Canada),  GLAD Bookstore -Phoenix Camp Fundraiser, BASM (Black Speculative Arts Movement Festival) U of T (Toronto), Girls Rock Camp as well as several private artist salons and events throughout Toronto and N.Y.
In July 2017 she released her original song and video "Armchair Revolution." The song expresses a character's angst while going about everyday life, in spite of the volatile environment in urban cities.  
"Armchair Revolution" was followed by the intense production of  "Compromise Falling."  The song's video will begin filming in early January 2020.
In the meantime, after many months of work and a small  but cool team,  she is gearing up to release her 3rd single "Stepping Out" song and video. "Stepping Out" is a celebration of shedding, re-inventing and healing.
"I always loved dancing, but stopped. I remember someone saying that if you are a dancer and stop, part of you dies.  That's the space where the song was born out of.   Too many people have forgotten about dancing as they go about their lives. I hope that once they hear the song, they can re-connect and dance again."