"Compromise Falling"

For several months, engineer/bassist/co-producer, Bryant Didier,  arranger/violinist, Thomas Hamilton and myself, worked really hard on the song"Compromise Falling." 


"Compromise Falling" was written after watching a doc called "The Falling Man."  The song expresses idea of just going for it, cause nothing really matters except going for it, regardless if you fall or fly. 


The song is richly produced with strings, jazz baseline, acoustic guitar, drums,  glokenspeil arrangements and a pretty melody/vocal line.  Singing this song always challenges me to stretch my vocal abilities - in the studio, there was no difference.  But eventually we came up with vocals that work well for the vibe and arrangement of the song. 


During production we were all dealing with personal challenges. I was juggling a plantation gig, children and my art. Bryant Didier was dealing with an unjust eviction from his studio where he spent almost 30 years building.  A lot of great music came out of that studio -  I feel honoured to be a part of that history.

"Compromise Falling" is a powerfully beautiful wall of sound, supporting a sweet melody and powerful message. 

A music video is scheduled to be filmed in February 2021..


Nadia High - vocals/guitar

Thomas Hamilton -arrangement/violin/glokenspeil/drums

Bryant Didier - engineer/bass



Right on the heels of "Compromise Falling" we got into "Stepping Out - and even though I was juggling a lot in my life - I didn't want the momentum of getting the songs produced die.  

Stepping Out" is a dance song.  It was born out of the experience of being a single mother and everything that comes along with that.  On another level the song is about tapping into that goddess power to overcome those challenges.  The song is about releasing and healing through dance. 

I chose to record this song at this point, as it's such a different room from both   "Armchair Revolution" and "Compromise Falling."


Shawn Hook Carleton - producer/engineer and kit

Nadia High - producer/vocals/acoustic guitar

The legendary John T Davis - hammond B organ

Bryan Schwartz - bass

Pierre Morengon - Trumpet

D'Jbaryai and Najla High - background vocals

Nathan Van Dell Vandenburg - trombone

Nadia High - vocals and rhythm acoustic guitar