Nadia High

"Compromise Falling"

For the last few months of 2017, myself, engineer/bassist/co-producer Bryant Didier and Producer/Artistic Director/violinist, Thomas Hamilton, have been working hard at the single "Compromise Falling." The piece is part of a collection of songs on the CURVE BALLS IN THE RAIN project.   The song will be a blend of jazz, classic-rock and folk genres.  It's always a favorite whenever it's played live and we're really looking forward this year to releasing and sharing it with the world.  Yes, there will be a music video! 

The song is also very special because during production  there were many personal challenges going on not only in my life, but in lives of the rest of the production team. Bryant Didier ( has been fighting an unfair eviction from his studio which he has been producing music for many artists over the past 30 years!  Thomas Hamilton has been tirelessly pushing to make Artcity come to fruition for the art community here in Toronto.  This is all being done while working on keeping the integrity in our artistic works. 

These are challenging times for us all, but "no need to Compromise, no need to fear!" - we will rise through our art - this is our year! 






Armchair Revolution

This year we will be gearing up to really push "Armchair Revolution" (from the CURVEBALLS IN THE RAIN project), out to the world!  We finally completed the song and music video and test launched it in July 2017.  It passed the 1000 mark on Youtube in just a few months. 

Thank you again to Dr. Thomas Hamilton (producer, violnist/strings), Shawn Hook-Carleton (engineer, drums), and bass, Lonnie Plaxico ( for all your brilliant talent and helping to make this song come together.