Nadia High

Nadia High

Nadia High is a Canadian born singer-songwriter. She creates and performs deep soulful, urban-folk music - influenced by a blend of blues, neo-soul and classic rock genres. Her material address challenging topics such as, race, social injustice - to love in the face of adversity. Her songs are filled with super hooks, jazzy chords and catchy melodies; thus allowing the listener to truly experience something new.

A Ukulele was her first instrument - she was 7.. and at 13 she started playing the guitar. She performed on several talent shows, studied vocal harmonies for a year and and was a National Music Festival finalist at 16.

She was a host and DJ at CJSR 88.d FM (college radio at UofA, Edmonton). This lead her to study radio/tv/film production at Howard University (Washington D.C.). She went on to produce, film and direct two feature length documentaries. One of the films, “Damaged Goods” ran on Showtime Networks in Demand for 2 years.

After the birth of her daughter, she returned to music again. Part of her writing inspiration came from the music of singer-song writer Rahi High, whom she did background vocals for 3 years - the other part came from “just living life..." 

Nadia is now making her mark on the urban art independent music scene. She trusts her own unique voice and brings something that is fresh and powerfully original to the world of music. That “something” which audiences not only appreciate, but are able to connect with.

In 2014, she wrote the music for the song “LAND,” lyrics written by poet Dawn Lundy Martin, from the independent film “Good Stock on The Dimension Floor” (2014), directed by visual artist Sienna Shields. The film made an impact on the New York art scene and was featured at the prestigious Whitney Museum Biennial (2014).

Nadia was also member of the global artist collective HowdoyousayyaminsAfrican.  She has been featured at the Harlem Music Festival , WinterFolk and Blues Fest, and Urban Folk Salon (2017) as well as several private artist salons throughout Toronto.  In July 2017 she released her original song and video "Armchair Revolution." She is currently working on singles from the project "Curve Balls In The Rain" which is set to be released in the fall of 2018.